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IPCC Enterprise 7.1 - Active Directory Migration...

Hi all,

My dilemma: I need to move my Cisco_ICM OU to another Domain Controller server. The AD structure and the naming conventions in the new server is the same as the existing one.

The question is: am I able to manually enter all the required info into the new AD via the Domain Manager? Has anyone tried this before? I know I can enter the info but does the Domain Manager in IPCC show all that is required? I am worried about missing info, invisible "hooks" etc... All my account names, server names (all data) etc remain the same.

All help appreciated.



Re: IPCC Enterprise 7.1 - Active Directory Migration...

Hello there,

the easiest and safest way is to install the new domain controller server ("new DC") into the same windows domain - this way all active directory stuff gets replicated to the "new DC".

Do not forget to enable the "Global Catalog" setting on the "new DC" (it is enabled by default only on the primary DC.

Good luck.

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Re: IPCC Enterprise 7.1 - Active Directory Migration...

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it was the obvious solution but it wont work in our case. This is more a prune and graft job. The thing is we currently have 2 Primary DCs (isolated and coincidentaly with the same name for Corporate and IPCC).

The customer requirement is now to graft the IPCC OU (Cisco_ICM and all related date) onto the Corporate DC. I am now trying to work out how.

I have set up a temporary DC and am trying to put everything in manually and via the Domain Manager. Hopefully I can capture everything.

There must be another solution. Do let me know your thoughts. All help welcome


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Re: IPCC Enterprise 7.1 - Active Directory Migration...

Use cisco DomCVT tool to migrate from one domain to another domain.

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