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IPCC Enterprise 7.5: Skillgroup priorities

Hi all,

I have observed that in IPCCE 7.5 Skillgroup configuration appears, in route tab a new item named Skillgroup priority. Has anybody use it? How does it work?

Which does peripheral type (Generic or System PG) support this functionality?

I've read in previous post that sub-skillgroup use isn't recommended.



Re: IPCC Enterprise 7.5: Skillgroup priorities

I never use that one.

I do set priority in the Queue to Skill Group node where necessary, then change it after some time using the Priority node. It's a lot more obvious in your script -  add a comment node to explain what's going on to the reader.

Changing the priority of a call when it queues is not the same as skills with proficiencies.

UCCE does not have that - although Cisco have talked about providing "N-dimensional routing" for a very long time. Has not happened yet - I always thought it would be a difficult nut to crack.



Re: IPCC Enterprise 7.5: Skillgroup priorities

I've never used it and don't know of anyone who actually has, my understanding is that it's mainly used for some TDM integration.  Geoff's way of scripting and using priorities is the best way.  Personally, I hate using priorities, you can attain most of the results you want just by WFM.


Re: IPCC Enterprise 7.5: Skillgroup priorities


thank you Geoff and David for your response. I'm finding something like Competence Level in IPCCX in IPCCE. In other ACD (like Avaya Communications Manager) you can define priorities between skillgroups, so I can have a main skillgroups and  I can be backup int other. The effect of this is if I have 2 calls waiting in my main skillgroup and in other where I have defined as backup the call that has arrived to me in the first position always is the call that is waiting in the main skillgroup not the other although the other call is the longest call queued in the system.

I don't think that if I have explained correctly.


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