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IPCC Enterprise - message before togoing the call on queue

Hi All,

I would like to know how I can effectively put a message before the user select options or be on queue in order to provide information updates like events of an outage. I understand that we have to place a .wav file and I would like that the Contact Center supervisor could update for a new file anytime

Our ICM contains 1 cvp, PG ,VXML, AWHD and Rogger.

Please give me a guide




Re: IPCC Enterprise - message before togoing the call on queue

You will have to build some CVP application to do this. For example, call internal number press 1 to record new prompt, 2 to review. You press 1, you record the prompt and presto next call hears it. Maybe even have a new option to turn it off and on.



Re: IPCC Enterprise - message before togoing the call on queue

As David says, use your CVP Studio and build an application. There's a Recording element that is very useful but you will have to deal with getting the recording up to your redundant Media Stores.

I wrote a custom Action Element to FTP to a FTP server and used it twice in a row.

You have to deal with quite a few different conditions in this application - you will get the basics working in an a day and then spend two weeks refining it.

One thing to be aware of - make a directory on your Media Store for the recordings and set the content expiration really low - say 10 mins. Otherwise, your new recording may be not be played because what is in the gateway cache is not stale.

On the call inbound side, you would be looking at an ICM global variable that controls whether the message should be played - then a simple microapp to play - using a well known WAV filename.

The CVP application sets this global variable after checking the caller's pin.

It's all fine. We have exactly this application and port it to customer's who require it.

I reckon it will take three weeks to get a production-ready application, so don't quote too low. ;-)



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Re: IPCC Enterprise - message before togoing the call on queue


Do you have any pdf that explain how build it?



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