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IPCC Enterprise Outbound Call Tracking

Our IPCC Enterprise call center agents make outbound calls to previous callers/clients as part of a follow-up process and we're trying to come up with a report that shows this type of activity per client. Can anyone provide feedback as to whether or not the following process is "logical" for getting this outbound call activity in the database so that we could run reports on it?

1. For each client, create a call type and call it: client_outbound.

2. Each time an agent makes an outbound call, they have to dial a client-specific extension number that runs an ICM script that's associated with the client_outbound call type that calls a CRA/IVR script that asks for the number to call and then uses a "place call" step to dial and then connects the agent to the person they are calling.

I could then possibly run CallType reports that would show me outbound activity per client.

Any other ideas on how to report outbound activity per client? Any feedback appreciated.


Re: IPCC Enterprise Outbound Call Tracking

'IPCC Reporting Guide' for information on how to track/report on agent outbound calls:

Refer to page 72 for Default skill groups:

Default skill groups act as a bucket to collect call statistics for non-ICM routed calls, outbound calls, and calls that are routed to agent by the Agent to Agent script node.

Within ICM 5.0, the Default skill group is generated by default when you install an IPCC Peripheral. However, pre-5.0 this is a manual creation of the Default SkillGroup for which all Skills for this site must be members, for purposes of tracking call statistics for non-ICM routed calls, outbound calls, etc...


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