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IPCC Enterprises 7.0 with CVP

Hi All, I am new to this forum as well on IPCC also. I need help if somebody can suggest me, what is is the Day to day Opration for the IPCCE Engineer to perform? In My IPCCE Infrastructure I have following components:

5350XM VXML GW with PGW2200 softswitch, 3845 GK, CSS 11503, CALL Manager 4.1, CVP 3.1,ICM 7.0, PG's. (For the Documention Purpose)

Thanks in Advance

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Re: IPCC Enterprises 7.0 with CVP


Day to day task for an IPCC engineer totally depends on individual.

I can try and highlight some task

 Anti Virus update on the windows servers (as per Cisco recommendation)

 Making few inbound and outbound calls at the start of the day, just to make sure every thing is in place.

 Logging on Gateway and check the calls, ISDN status if all the ISDN interfaces are active and taking calls as you expected.

 Jump on to the Gatekeeper and have a look, if all the expected endpoints are registered with GK.

 Check which side of PG is active, if there was a fail over investigate the cause for it.

 Check the event log message on all Windows servers to find out if there was any issue.

 If your using Cisco works, check if its backing up the IOS data as expected.

 If you?re using any SNMP tool, check the events to find if there was any issue over night.

This are just day to day health check advice, I am sure you can do a lot in IPCC. Best of luck




Re: IPCC Enterprises 7.0 with CVP

For Callmanager:

- Check RTMT Emails Alerts

- Check your (daily?)BARS Backup

- Server Report(CPU, Memory), Call Activities, Gateway Activities (Application->Callmanager Serviceablity->tools->Serviceability reports)

- Use DNA, SDI/SDL traces..etc

- once in a while get your Route Plan (*xls), check for unused DN (unassigned DNs)

- Setting a Lab Envirement would be the best if you are a newbie.

- CDRs (Gateway Utilization, QoS, ..etc)

- Read the SRND!!!

For IPCC Ent:

- Always be prepared for a "worst case" Scenario (depends on the Design of your IPCC)

- You should know how to collect logs from your PIMs,PGs, Router, Logger. How to use Dumplog Utility/ CTITEST / SQL Analyzer to troubleshoot day to day issues

- Ensure that Webview (or using SQL Analyzer) are showing the right statistics.

- Check Databases Backup

- Use ICM Script to Monitor your Call Flows.

- Read the SRND!!!

Last Advise: Stay Cool ;)

hope this helps

Zin-Elabidine Karzazi

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Re: IPCC Enterprises 7.0 with CVP

ThanQ very much for ur advise. If u can guide me with some more details to be as successfull IPCC Engineer. Like general problems.....


Re: IPCC Enterprises 7.0 with CVP

FYI....the CCBU Support Tools is your best friend now. You can install it on CallManager, IVR, and IPCCe servers. It turns pulling logs into a few click process:

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