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IPCC Express 3.5 Outbound dialing

Have anybody successfully used the Outboundvoicebrowser.aef script to dial outbound ? I have a customer whose business model is campaigning, and they want their agents to place outbound calls, at the same time they want to monitor their calls, record them as well. Is this possible in IPCC, as if the agents use their ICD extension to place an outbound call, they will be set to Not Ready state in the CAD and essentially be considered to be out of the queue. So will this call get reported in the Historical DB ?




Re: IPCC Express 3.5 Outbound dialing

I'm not sure what the outbound voice browser.aef script is, but It is possible to build an outbound, preview, blended dialer application with IPCC Express 3.5 Premium. This is done by building a web/database application that manages an outbound campiagn. This campaign manager application can query real-time call center stats to determine when outbound call contacts should be inserted into queue. Outbound call contacts can be inserted into queue by having the campaign manager application generate an HTTP trigger for each outbound call contact. The application handling the HTTP trigger (app 1), then places a call to another application (app 2) on the same IPCC Express server. Essentially app 1 creates a phantom call to app 2. App 2 just sees an inbound call and queues the call for an agent and when an agent is selected, app 2 pops the agent screen with outbound contact info, and then transfers the voice path to the agent phone. When the agent is ready to connect to the customer, the agent answers the phantom phone call from app 1 and presses DTMF 1 on their phone to trigger app 1 (that originated the phantom call) to redirect the call to the customers phone number.

Because the outbound contact was routed using the same skills and priority routing techniques as inbound calls, a naturally blended queue is produced.

The end result of the outbound call is a voice call connected between the customer and the agent. Call recording can be initiated automatically or dyamically for these calls. When working on these outbound calls, the agent is marked "talking" and allowed to use the "wrap up state" if needed. These contacts would be routed via a different CSQ and thus call reporting would be captured by the IPCC Express DB under a different service level calculation with a unique AHT. Agent reporting would also show an agent handled X inbound calls (CSQ inbound) with AHT and Y outbound calls (CSQ outbound) with a different AHT for particular periods of time in the same report.

These outbound contacts could also be scheduled for a specific time as opposed to a campaign time range. These contacts would be placed into queue at the appropriate time via the campaign manager application and IPCC Express app 2 would assign high priority to this call (i.e outbound contact) to allow the next available agent to be selected for this contact and thus a callback to the customer at almost the exact time they requested.

Cheers, Dan

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The campaign manager app would also need a couple of client applications. One client application would be for campaign management administration (add / remove contact records, change application settings,...). Another client application would be for the agent to record call disposition and to update the campaign database. This client app for the agent could be automatically popped on the agent desktop at the end of these outbound calls (via workflow setup and keystroke macros) and completed as part of a call wrap up. This wrap up campaign manager client application would query the agent to input the call disposition and to provide instruction on what to do with that outbound contact in the campaign database app. For example, if it was a successful call, delete the contact from the campaign database. It the agent reached a busy signal, the agent may wish to request another outbound call attempt to be made in 15 minutes. If the agent reached an answering machine, the agent may wish to request another outbound call attempt be made again tomorrow at the same time. If the agent reached an live answer, but the requested party won't be avail until 5:30, the agent may wish to schedule a callback at 5:30. Or if no answer is reached and this is the 5th attempt, the agent may choose to remove the contact from the campaign database. Campaign reporting would also need to be developed to report on such things as penetration rate into an outbound call campaign. It would be up to the campaign manager to adhere to any do not call databases if that was a requirement. Note, this campaign application does not exist but could be built by a developer whom understands how to build database applications and knows how to generate HTTP triggers to IPCC Express.

Cheers, Dan
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Re: IPCC Express 3.5 Outbound dialing

Mr. Bruhn

Very impressive post, you have almost everything covered

Have you actually accomplished such script? if so can you share it so I and of course other visitors can have better understanding of such complicated scripts



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