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IPCC Express 4.0(3) High Availability

I have the 4 server avaiability model. I have my CRS Enging running on one server and I have my database componenent running on another server. I did not install his and this is the first time working with HA. How can I tell which CRS Engine is currently Active? When I look at the control center both CRS Engine show running. Thnx Mike


Re: IPCC Express 4.0(3) High Availability

In the the service status within Control Centre, you should see a small blue square next to each major subsystem (e.g. CRS Engine), containing a white 'M' or 'S'; this indicates which server is acting as Master or Slave.

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Re: IPCC Express 4.0(3) High Availability

Thanks. I am trying to understand this whole High Availability IPCC Cluster architecture. Unfortunately I got involved with this project after the initial install so I am not totally sure how this all works.. Is there any significance to what CRS server is primary or standby? The documentation states that the primary server is the server in which you installed CRS first and the standby server is the server in which you installed CRS on second. It also states that the master server runs on the primary server until the primary server fails at which point the standby server becomes the master. The installation I am working on shows that the master is my standby server. The documentation also states that you can go into the control panel and reselect the master. (Note that in the following scenario Server B is the standby server or the second server that was installed). I am assuming that if Server B is the Master and I go into the control panel and select Server A - then click on CRS then click on reselect master that Server A would become the master but it does not seem to work that way. The master still shows Server B. I hope this is clear. Thanks, Mike

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