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IPCC Express 4.05 English / Spanish Question

I'm attaching my first script for the scheduling services for our hospital.

I'm using skills based routing for our various departments that folks call into to schedule appointments.

My question is - what is the most graceful way to provide callers with

"Press 9 for Spanish" and once they have pressed 9, to provide them the identical Menu options that exist in my current script - WITHOUT actually replicating the entire menu options in another branch of the script.

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Re: IPCC Express 4.05 English / Spanish Question

In my opinion, only use the branch in the Menu step to determine what prompt to be used. And then use Goto to jump to the main part of the script. Other than prompts, you don't need to change other settings right ?


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Re: IPCC Express 4.05 English / Spanish Question

If you wish to avoid replicating the menu, one option would be to use the Set step to assign a different value to the variable your menu uses for it's prompt.

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