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IPCC Express 7.0 - scripting issue

Hi all,

I have a CISCO IPCC 7.0 server running some phone-call triggered applications.

Now there is one hotline with a specific request:

It should be possible to adjust the service time without changing the script or accessing the web admin page of the IPCC.

So actually, I have two questions:

1) Is there a way to change the time range of the "Time of Day" step using variables or parameters rather than changing these settings via the property window of this step?

2) What is the easiest approach, to let users change parameters in case I don't want to give them access to the IPCC webadmin page? (Ist there probably an easy way to let them access a simple parameter file, which could be scanned and interpreted by the script...?)

Thanks a lot in advance for every hint,



Re: IPCC Express 7.0 - scripting issue

Hi Joachim,

The way I handle this is to get the script to read a system state variable stored in an XML file.

This file contains either SystemOpen, SystemClosed or SystemCalendar.

SystemOpen sends calls to the "Open for Business" part of the script which routes the call to a CSQ.

SystemClosed sends calls to the "Closed for Business" part of the script that plays an out of hours message.

SystemCalendar sends to to a holiday checker followed by Day of Week and Time of Day steps with calls either going to "Open for Business" or "Closed for Business"

I write a second script that is used by the contact center manager to set the value of stored in the XML file used by the main script to SystemOpen, SystemClosed or SystemCalendar.

Customers seem to like this as it is simple to use.

Community Member

Re: IPCC Express 7.0 - scripting issue


I appreciate your prompt response. Thanks a lot!

Yes, I think it seems to be an easy way to use, as you already mentioned...

But as I have just a little experience in developing IPCC scripts, would you mind sharing your scripts, or probably parts of it with me?

I have no experience in how to access an "external" XML-file. All I have done so far, was just "internal" (within the script itself...)

Could you give me some hints on how to start...?

The other thing is: Did I get you right concerning your "second script", meaning: Is the second script responsible for changing your variable values? Is it done by phone? (by an IVR Like "press 1 to change variable a, press 2 to change variable b...)?

Thanks again,


Re: IPCC Express 7.0 - scripting issue

Hi Joachim,

You are right about the second script being an IVR.

The XML files are held on the IPCC server itself.

I will try to post some samples tomorrow.



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