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IPCC Express and Oracle Compatibility

Hi Everyone,

Just one easy doubt. I read the Cisco Customer Response Solutions (CRS)

Software and Hardware Compatibility Guide

and for IPCC 4.0(4)the guide only shows Oracle 10g .

Can I assume that the earlier versions of Oracle will work or really only the 10g..

I asked that cause i'm having problem trying to update a Oracle 9i using an IPCC 4.0.4SR1

My Best Regards,

Thanks in Advanced

Andre Lomonaco


Re: IPCC Express and Oracle Compatibility

IPCC Enterprise has an application gateway procedure which allows the router to call out to an application and accept a response any application. It's a socket level interface so code can be written to connect it to anything. there's just no direct software that connects to Oracle.

Cisco Toolkit Desktop is the agent desktop software and it again allows you to interface to anything. It's a matter of coding the right type of connector.

The following Enterprise Databases are supported for the Database subsystem:

* Microsoft SQL Server 7

* Microsoft SQL Server 2000

* Oracle 8i

* Oracle 9i

* Sybase Adaptive Server 12

* IBM DB2 7.2


Re: IPCC Express and Oracle Compatibility

From CRS, you can create a custom Java class to use the Oracle Java driver and talk to your Oracle database directly. A simple matter of programming and using the right driver.

Although Cisco have an application gateway stub on the ICM side, an Application Gateway process, which must exist on a non-ICM server, is not something that you can get from Cisco.

You have to roll your own or buy one from (for example) Exony.

DBLookup has a number of restrictions that make it of somewhat limited use (for example, the table can have only one primary key).



New Member

Re: IPCC Express and Oracle Compatibility

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for your reply..

Everytime when I did some update in my Oracle Database I lost connection with my Database, and my table gets locked (sorry for the words, I'm not Database Expert) and I can't access it even from another database client (SQLPlus).

I think can be something relationated with my ODBC Driver or my Agente client installed in my IPCC Server...

I wanna make tests using JDBC directly from the Script.

Do you have a simple example to show me how to build a direclty JDBC connection using CRS Editor ??

Thanks Again,

My Best Regards,

Andre Lomonaco

New Member

Re: IPCC Express and Oracle Compatibility

Hi rrjoas45,

Thanks for your reply.

I found too Oracle 9i should be supported by IPCC 4.0.4, but when I called Cisco TAC they didn't accept cause for them IPCC 4.0.4 is only compatibly with Oracle 10g.

I'm trying to update my Database to be able to go on with my TAC Request even I have the SMARTNET contract for my customer's IPCC...

Again, thanks a lot for your response

My Best Regards,

Andre Lomonaco

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