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IPCC-Express - HA configuration - LDAP DC Directory

I am running a 4 node IPCC-X cluster (4.0(5a) connected to a 3-server Call Mgr cluster supporting my 24/7 shop. I'm using DC Directory. I'm trying to make this configuration as HA as possible.

While I was applying an OS patch to the publisher, I could no longer authenticate to AppAdmin running on the CRS Engines. (Once the Pub came back up after the patch process, no problem.)

From the CRS Serviceability Utility, I have defined my Publisher and 1st Subscriber as the Primary and Secondary LDAP. I see where I have proper Directory replication between The Pub, Sub1, and Sub2 (from Real Time Monitoring Tool).

I should note that CAD agents that did not Logoff while the Pub was down did continue to work and take calls.

Is this expected behavior? If so, why can't the secondary LDAP support authentication to AppAdmin pages?

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Re: IPCC-Express - HA configuration - LDAP DC Directory


LDAP is configured in a couple of places - check within appadmin the two following menus:

System/LDAP Configuration

Tools/User Management/Cisco CallManager LDAP



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Re: IPCC-Express - HA configuration - LDAP DC Directory

Thanks Aaron. I opened a TAC case and they said that only AD could support an HA LDAP configuration - not DC Directory.

Does the fact that I did not have both LDAPs configured in System>LDAP Configuration explain why agents worked, but I was not able to authenticate to AppAdmin? (I did have both LDAPs configured in Tools>User Management>Cisco CallManager LDAP.)

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