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IPCC Express Question


I am new to IPCC express. Please help me out!!!

We are using IPCC Express premium edition. I need a help regarding below query:

Present Call Flow:

- Presently There are Two Groups are created: 1. ABC Support 2. XYZ Support

- Both the Groups are having there own Skill based Agents to attend the Call

- Presently Calls are Authenticated by CSID and call will be routed as per Customer requirement i.e., either to ABC support or XYZ Support.

Can you any one help me out to complete the following Requirement:

- Need to create two sub groups in each existing support groups.

- ABC Support Group and XYZ support group will have two separate sub groups ex: VIP and non-VIP.

- The VIP sub group in each Support group (ABC & XYZ) will have more priority than All other sub group.

- The Agent Group (Skilled) in each Group(ABC & XYZ Support) can handle both VIP & non-VIP sub group calls.

- Calls from VIP sub group will be answered first.

- If the non-VIP sub group is busy with the calls then VIP sub (assuming that no calls are waiting for VIP sub group) group can answer the next non-VIP sub group calls .

- If Both the sub groups are busy with calls then calls are put up in a Queue. The VIP Sub Group calls in a Queue will be serviced first.

- Each sub groups ( VIP & non-VIP) for ABC and XYZ Support will have there own DID numbers like , for ABC support the Sub groups DID numbers for ex:are 1001 and 1002 and for XYZ support the Sub Groups DID numbers are 2001 and 2002 ( sub Groups : VIP and non-VIP).


Re: IPCC Express Question


You can use weights in your skills groups in order to queue calls to agents more skilled.

To implement the subskills you can give weight 10 to VIP and weight 5 to non-VIP and in the CSQ call queues based on 'most skilled agents'.

To implement priority, as you know when a caller is VIP and not VIP you can queue calls in the same CSQ with different priorities, using the 'Set Priority' node in the script editor.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

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