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IPCC Express Script Help Needed

Hi Pros,

My problem is creating a script. I have managed to make half the script but still facing some problems/questions.

I am attaching my script & call flow document.

Please can anybody verify my script according to the call flowchart & let me know where I need to add / edit.

I think I have managed to have the IPCC accept the call, play welcome prompt, then play menu options, after caller punches a option goto CSQ.

I need help verifying & configuring script:

1) if agents in queue are busy : play agentsbusy prompt

2) if agents in queue are free: play connecting to agent prompt & forward to agent

3) If no option or invalid option is chosen at menuoptions to replay the menuoptions

4) allowing max 3 tries to press options & if exceeded play goodbye & disconnect

5) while in queue they should hear some music, ok to play CCM Hold music.

Please Help!


New Member

Re: IPCC Express Script Help Needed

Hi Pros,

I have managed to make further changes in the script. Please reference this new script.

Also after having a look at the call flow let me know how many CSQs i need to make & how many resource groups.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


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