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IPCC Express Skills Based Routing "Select Skill" feature request.

Let me start by saying that I hope I'm just doing something wrong and that what I'm trying to accomplish is already possible within the existing feature set of IPCC Express. (I'm running 4.5.2) If not, I'd like to start a campaign to get it added as a feature in the next release.

Short version:

A call comes in, and in order to assign skills to the call you must assign the call to a csq that contains the skills required to complete that call. -- Problem arises when number of skills gets large, so must the number of CSQ's. Maintaining all of the agent to CSQ mapping gets very cumbersome.

I'm proposing a new "select skill" step in the CRS developer, which will allow you to assign a skill required to handle a call, rather then have skills required be based on what CSQ the call was put into.

(Long version in an e-mail from me to cisco)

Basically what I'm seeing with the Skills Based Routing feature in IPCC Express is that it still relies heavily on CSQ's to determine the group of agents selected to take a certain call. I can't assign a skill to a calling contact during the call flow in the script editor, instead I have to assign a contact to a CSQ which has certain skills assigned to it.

Let me give you an example as it pertains to my company.

We have 15 Healthcare locations with an average of 7 doctors per location. Each doctor has his or her own specialist that takes appointments and other calls not destined to be terminated by the doctor. Each Specialist is also a Primary backup for 2 other doctors and a secondary backup for the rest.

Currently, if I want to use skills based routing to route a call to one of the Doctors, I have to create a CSQ for each doctor, and add that doctors skill to that CSQ, and then add all of those CSQs to the locations "team".

Furthermore, if I want to add a "bilingual" skill so that each caller has the option to speak to a bilingual rep, it changes the order for the rep selection. Now I have to double the amount of CSQs in the system to have 1 queue for one language and another queue for another language for each doctor.

At 15 locations and averaging 7 docs per location with 2 languages, this requires 210 different CSQs that I have to update on a regular basis because turnover for these specialists is fairly high. Not to mention the fact that Cisco has imposed a "soft limit" of 75 CSQs per server on the 7835.

What I would propose to alleviate this mess would be to add a new step in the CRS editor under "IPCC Express" and call it "Select Skill", where I could assign a skill required to handle a call. This would allow me to create 1 CSQ and have agent selection done based on skill, or a combination of skills. It would also allow me to look across the enterprise for an agent with a particular skill without having to create 105 CSQs with 105 agents per CSQ.

To do this for now I have created a work around, but it's not a very good one because it requires a lot of overhead. I've created a database with all of my agents in it and all of the skills they are qualified for. Then where I would use the 'Select Skill' step I talked about earlier I now use a database dip and select a resource with the skills I require, then do a 'Get Reporting Statistic' to determine if that resource is logged in and available. Then using CRS 4.5.2 I route on resource instead of CSQ. Now the problem with this method, is if the resource is available, but away, or doesn?t answer the phone (because they also have to deal with walk up customers) it sets them not ready and then just sits there waiting for then to go available again. It wont requeue to the next skilled agent unless I dequeue then from the current app and start the process all over again, which in that cause they would loose their place in line.

So that's it in a nutshell, I'm sure it's not the easiest thing to follow.

Let me know if you have any questions.


(end e-mail)


Re: IPCC Express Skills Based Routing "Select Skill" feature req

I just want to join you in this request.

Steven Ferland, Bell Canada

P.S.: Please add your name if you agree with Jeremy.

New Member

Re: IPCC Express Skills Based Routing "Select Skill" feature req

I guess they call this "Queue to Skill" in IPCC enterprise. Hopefully we can get it in express as well.

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IPCC Express Skills Based Routing "Select Skill" feature request

Are you developing this in UCCE or UCCX?


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