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IPCC Express Web Page to Show next Agent who will recieve a queue call

I am looking to write a web page to show the order of agents who will recieve the next queue calls in contact center.  Where is that information stored in the database?  Has anyone done anything like this before?



Re: IPCC Express Web Page to Show next Agent who will recieve a

I have to ask - why? The nature of a well-designed queuing and routing platform is that it distributes the calls fairly, ensuring that among the available agents, the one who has been idle the longest will get the call; and if there are no suitable agents available, to give the queued call to the first who becomes available.

You can probably figure the first part out with a SQL query - look for available agents in some real-time table and order them by time available and pick the top one.

But what happens when all agents are busy? The next one to receive the queued call is the first to become available.



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Re: IPCC Express Web Page to Show next Agent who will recieve a


Thanks for the reply.  Good question.  The answer is that this particular queue is for the sales team.   The way is works is that there will never be any calls sitting waiting in the queue.  The calls come in, plays through the prompts and then routes to a queue of sales agents.  There are around 100 sales agents available at any time.   The sales agents are commission based only so they make their money on inbound calls to the queue.  If they want to go to lunch they really have no idea if they are 5th in line to get the next queue call or 70th in line.  If they are 70th in line they might go to lunch, but if they are 5th up then they might wait til after the next call to go to lunch, or take a break.  In this case there would never be an instance of no agents available to recieve calls.   I agree with the Real time SQL table, just wondering if anyone knew exactly where it is or if anyone has done it before.


David Turner

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