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IPCC HA CTI Question....

Hi All,

I'm struggling to get my head around something....

I've got two sites wanting to run a 150 agents IPCC system with HA as redundancy is important to them.

I understand that both CRS servers need to be at just one site (let's say Site A). However, can I have the CTI servers one at the CRS site and one at the other?

Will there be an issue if the CTI Manager at site A fails and they use the CTI Manager at site B?

The alternative is either to have both CallManagers at site A (not good for site B) or to add a third CallManager which seems a bit of overkill.

Out of interest, there is 100Mb between the two sites and they are both in the same town - I don't understand why CRS can't failover to this second site but would appreciate your reasoning?

Your advice would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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Re: IPCC HA CTI Question....

New Member

Re: IPCC HA CTI Question....

Thank you kbeltz, this has useful information about the LDAP configuration. It's the CTI requirement I'm looking for at the moment.

Does any have CTI advice?

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