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IPCC & ICME - Parent Child Trunk Information

Hi All,

I have ICME 7.1(5) with 4 different client ACDs and 2 own ACDs connected for Inbound Call Handling.

We are bringing on another Vendor who has IPCC (ICM 7.2(4) with CUCM 4.2 and IP IVR) The integration is fairly straight forward (according to the book :) but I have read that the CUCM dosn't provide TRUNK and TRUNK GROUP information upto the System PG and thus when my PG's PIM takes a feed from the CTI Svr within my clients IPCC environment that means I will not be able to see the TRUNK and TRUNK GROUP information.

Could somebody help me with these questions:

1 - Am I correct that the TRUNK and TRUNK GROUP information is not passed from CUCM to the SYSTEM PG within IPCC (or is it that the SYSTEM PG just doesn't 'listen' for it)?

2 - Is their anyway to enable this feature?

I have 2 major concerns with this data being missing:

- My Parent ICME will not be able to check to see if the Clients Trunks are online and has capacity for more calls

- My call recording solution will not be able to tie up the CTI information with the basic Voice call (As it relies on Trunk and Trunk Group information)

I'm currently building a test enviromoent (PoC) to have a play before I do this in Production and so any help will be greatly appreeciated.



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