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IPCC Interuptible Steps

I have a question about ?interruptible? steps within an IPCC script. If callers end up in a queue loop, where a prompt is being played to them, and if that prompt is ?interruptible?, and the caller ?punches out? (i.e. enters a DN or other digits) where and how is that dealt with?

In experimenting with this, I called into our system and went into the queue loop. I keyed in a known good DN and it seems like it just sends me back into the queue loop.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: IPCC Interuptible Steps

Hi Brian,

In the "Cisco CRS Scripting and Development Series: Volume 1, Getting Started with Scripts" in the page 4-22 we have an item explaining the script interruption in IPCC. Basically this is used by application, and is used, for instance, to notify an step that an agent becomes available to handle the call.

The feature that allows an customer to interrupt an step is the barge. That can be used in some steps, such 'menu' and 'get digit string', interrupting the prompt and collecting the digits.


Fabio Funaki

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Re: IPCC Interuptible Steps

Interuptable means the step will be interupted if an agent becomes available. This is useful for playing prompts as hold music. If interuptable is not selected the prompt would have to finish playing before the agent receives the call.

If you want to key out of the loop I would recomend using a Menu step.

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