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ipcc lab

can anyone help me in listing out the essential ipcc componets required to set up a ipcc lab environment


Re: ipcc lab

A call manager, an IPCC server, the necessary licenses and a bunch of hardphones (you can't have two softphones running on the same machine so in order to have a few test agents logged in, each needs its own hardphone).

In a lab environment, you could also run CCM and IPCC co-located (provided it's CCM 4.x.. you can't run the windows based IPCC 4.5 on the Linux based CCM 5.x).

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Re: ipcc lab

I hope you don't mind me asking this but in a lab if you setup CCM and IPCC on the same server could you set up a server on a virtual machine (VMWARE) in the same way? We have been looking into setting up a lab here to test IPCC scripts and such and it would be much easier to create a new Windows 2000 server with virtualization that it would be to convince upper management that we need to purchase a new server. Also, for the licensing does Cisco offer less expensive licensing for lab environments? I realize that by running them on VMware TAC would not support it if there were issues. Thank you

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