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IPCC make conference call

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to create a script that will transfer the caller to an conference call.

This is the situation:

For example there is a telephone number 1000 which is used as main conference number. When someone calls to the script, the script must make/transfer the caller to the conference number (1000) as an conference call. When an other one is calling to the script, the script must add this new caller into the current conference on number 1000. and so on and so on....

I hope you understand the problem. I know there are alternative ways like meet(me)now, but I was wondering if it is possible to do this via an IPCC script.

Thanks in advance.



Re: IPCC make conference call

I think that you should define MeetMe conference number and just do blind transfer to this number.




New Member

Re: IPCC make conference call

We have 999X defined as MeetMe conference numbers. But I have to press the MeetMe button on my phone and then I can dial to a MeetMe number. I want to find a way to create a conference automatically without human interaction.

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Re: IPCC make conference call

MeetMe conferences must be started by using the MeetMe softkey. UCCX has no method of working around this. It may be possible to issue the appropriate API calls through CUAE to initiate a conference but that's a different product.

Once the organizer has started the conference, UCCX could transfer additional calls to it though.

Otherwise, conference control/call merge is a feature sorely missing from the available steps of the CRS Editor. I would recommend you investigate a product like MeetingPlace Express to perform this audio conferencing role.

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