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IPCC Music on Hold source

I have a question about Music on Hold audio source when called from within an IPCC script. We are using several ?queue loops? which execute while a caller is in the queue. Essentially we play a prompt that lets the caller know that we appreciate their business and that their call will be handled in the order in which it was received. We then insert a ?Call Hold?, then delay for 45 seconds, then do a ?Call Unhold? after which we loop back to the start of the queue loop.

The reason for this is so that callers are not subjected to ?dead air? between plays of the queue prompt.

My question is this, When you place a ?Call Hold? step in a script, which device?s MOH setting is used? For example, does it use the MOH source from the JTAPI Trigger, or from the CTI Route Point, or somewhere else?

If changes are made to the device (once I figure out the correct one), are the changes immediate or is there some service that needs to be restarted to have the change realized?

I have attached a screen shot showing the part of my script that I am talking about.

Thanks in advance,



Re: IPCC Music on Hold source


The MOH source used when placing a call on hold is the "User Audio Source" of the CTI Ports (JTAPI Call Control Group)

The "Network Audio Source" is used when a call is transfered from a CTI Port to an agent for example.

In all my projects, I'm using a ringback wav file for the "Network Audio Source", in order to give ring tone to the caller when the call is transfered.

Hope that help.


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Re: IPCC Music on Hold source

Thanks for the quick reply Steven,

I am still having issues. All I seem to get while in the queue loop is ringback.wav (which I have loaded as an audio source called 4-ringing). I have attached a screen shot - am I making the changes in the right spot?




Re: IPCC Music on Hold source

Hum! Your settings seem correct.

Try inverting the choice and retest.

User Hold Audio Source - 4-ringing


Network Hold Audio Source - 3-new_production

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Re: IPCC Music on Hold source

I have a question about this music source - our script is currently playing the "ICM_music30.wav" sample file, which is 238K. I have another wav file to replace this, as users have requested. However my file is 48mb. WIll this work or is there a limitation on the file size? Will I have to do anything to enable the new file other than changing the Cisco Script Application - Update? I am running IPCC 5.0(1)Build433

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