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IPCC "night ring"

I've got an IPCCX enhanced install with some custom auto attendant scripts running.  On one particular app, phone contacts are accepted and put into a queue for agents to answer.  I have business hours and days put in place and some error handling for agents logged in or out, however they still want a mechanism for manually forwarding all calls from the standard script and redirect it to a particular directory number.  Latest example of this was a Christmas party where they wanted the agents to attend and calls routed to security.  This is very similar to a old "night ring" function.  My question is what would be the best way to accomplish this?  I've been thinking of a DB read of a single row table (either on or off) with a IF statement.  Also considered a file read but I haven't been able to get that one working as well.  Has anyone done something similar or have any ideas of the best way to do this?

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Re: IPCC "night ring"

i will give simple example but this will require someone to login to the CRS Admin and update the application ( simple check boxes only)

as i mentioned this way very simple ( there are a lot of other ways to do it ):

create a bolean variable in the beging lets called holiday1   ( make it parameter as well )

make a variable of type string  called EXT( parameter as well )

add if in the begging of your script wherever suitable for your call flow to check if the holiday1 is true of false

lets say if true make a sub step to redirect the call and the destination chose the variable created above ( EXT)

now if you updae the application associated with this script you will see the boolean variable with default value false and the EXT box as will

in this case if someone make this bolean from the Web adman to true and put and internal/external extension the call will forwarded to that number

good luck

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