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IPCC Remove from domain

We are running IPCCX 4.0.4sr1. The server was added to the domain upon installation to prevent a documented login problem with CAD and domain users (TAC says is not an issue any more since 4.0). Due to domain policies the supervisor is unable to login using the Historical Reporting client unless it uses the domain admins credentials to login and the customer does not want to give her admin rights on the PC. Domain policy will not allow her to login to the local PC instead of the Domain. TAC says I should remove IPCCX from the domain. Are their any work arounds? If not what is the process to remove from the domain? Will this be a reinstall?


Re: IPCC Remove from domain

Actually, the cleanest way to set everything right would be to completely reinstall the OS and the application (this time according to the Cisco rules, NO domain membership etc ;-) ).

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Re: IPCC Remove from domain

That's what I was afraid of.

Re: IPCC Remove from domain

Well, actually the above was the cleanest solution.

I was sort of trying to consider everything that would cause the CRS to fail when the server itself is removed from a windows domain.

- CRS services - run by LocalSystem

- CRS node manager - run by .\CRSAdmin (local account afaik)

- The CRS itself is more-or-less Java based, this has nothing to do with Windows domain

- controlling callmanager stuff (CTI route points, CTI ports) - is done by accounts in LDAP - nothing to worry about here

So... if I were you, I would definitely give it a try. Your customer needs a working solution: the best way is to reinstall everything. But before that, you could try just removing the server from the domain. If it fails: reinstall. If it doesn't, test it thoroughly.

Please post your findings, this is a very interesting matter (no pun intended).

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