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IPCC report questions - Presented, Handled, Abandoned

IPCC agents sometimes are on a private line, when an IPCC pop up (& beep) alerts them to an incoming IPCC call ringing to their IPCC line. If not answered within 4 rings, the call is pulled back by the system and "re"-presented to another ready agent (or the same agent if only one in ready state).

Say 1 call gets presented (and pulled back) 3 times before being answered.

On the CRA reports would that call be counted as:

3 presented calls

1 completed call

Do the first 2 presented and unanswered attempts count as abandoned?

I'm thinking abandoned is a call in which the caller has entered the IPCC queue, but hung up before being answered.

I have receptionists reporting they are not missing calls, yet the reports show abandoned calls.

I know it's helpful to note the verion of IPCC, but I'm not sure where to find that information. I think it's 3.5


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Re: IPCC report questions - Presented, Handled, Abandoned


We re qualify calls as RONA(ring on no answer) and re queue them. The original call I believe shows up in the 'other' column and then the RONA calls shows as handled under that call new type.

Are you sending the calls back to the same agent if that agent is not ready? If so maybe the caller is hanging up while the phone is ringing. I think you can look up the Call Disposition on the historical database for that call.

You can always try to log on as the receptionist and test what happens to re queued calls when you miss them. See if they show up as abandoned or "other" calls.

Good Luck.

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