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IPCC Script - Zero Out

I am relatively new to IPCC scripting, and am still waiting on the proper learning material to arrive. In the meantime I need to add a zero out/time out option to an existing script. I can't seem to locate the proper object in the CRS editor to add a zero out/time out option. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: IPCC Script - Zero Out

I am not sure what version of IPCC you are running, but I am referencing IPCC Express 4.0(5).

Zero-Out Option - We utilize a "menu" item under the Media section of the editor. You just record a prompt that says "if you would like to transfer to an operator (or Voicemail) press 0 now." You do have to insert some silence after the prompt, so that the caller can press 0 before you put the call back on hold to play more music. If you want them to 0 out at any time during the call then I think you do the same thing however, your prompt has to include the recorded music, and the messages in a long audio clip (but I haven't ever done that).

Time-Out Option - You need to utilize the Get Reporting Statistic which is located under the IPCC Express drop-down. I populate the settings as follows to get the Current Wait Duration (time in queue).

Report Object: CSQ IPCC Express

Field: Current Wait Duration

Row Identifier: User Defined String Variable that identifies the CSQ

Contact: Triggering Contact

Result Statistic: User Defined Integer Variable that will capture the number of seconds.

Then I just utilize an If-Then to determine whether to keep them in queue, or dump them to an operator or voicemail.

I hope this helps,


Re: IPCC Script - Zero Out

please use the user guide its attached. The options are very easy and same in all editors versions.

If you have the script feel free to send my way I can fix it on fly.

file size is about 7mb: its CRS getting started with scripting. if you cannot find here email me

good luck.



Re: IPCC Script - Zero Out

try this for older version but should give you an idea. cut and paste full link. Go to menu section

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Re: IPCC Script - Zero Out

Thanks for all the help guys. I'm going to read through the documentation then try and make the changes myself. If I do run into problems I'll send you the script for advisement abdulbaseer.

Thanks again for the help.

Re: IPCC Script - Zero Out

good luck. Its really not that hard.

Sorry I cannot send file bigger than 5 mb and I am lazy to zip.


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