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IPCC Scripting for Newbe

I am taking an IPCCscripting class in Boston the last week in Oct. So far my scripting exp has been trial by fire... ugh!!

Included is a zip file with all my scripts I am working with.

I have created a script that goes live Oct 1 by using other scripts as examples. Theses other scripts were created previously by someone else.

There are a couple of things in my Webstock main ICM script that do not work. I was hoping some one could guide me along the path to enlightenment.

1st issue ? The Webstock_Businesshours script (WebStock_BusinessHours_006.ICMS) designates the time the call center is open or closed. The (Webstock_Main_023.ICMS) script checks the businesshours using the Webstock_closed.aef script. The issue is when the schedule designates closed the calls are still getting through to the skill group queue instead of being played the closed message and the call being disconnected. I have made sure the Webstock_closed.aef script has the correct variables that match what the ICM script is passing. Any suggestion why it is ignoring the closed hours?

2nd issue ? When the caller reaches the queue they should be able to press the number one to be transferred to a unity vmail box. Pressing the 1 key does nothing. (webstock_playwav.aef)

3rd issue ? the Webstock_Main_34 ICM script is suppose to play a wav file welcoming callers then continue on to check to see if the call center is open and if so then passing the call on to an agent or the queue. Instead os playing the welcoming wav the call goes straight through the Run VRUScript. How can I make it stop and play the main greeting? (Webstock_Main_Greeting.aef)

As always I rate for helpful advice.

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Re: IPCC Scripting for Newbe


You will learn a lot from the class. The instructor I had was a bit lenient, so just make sure you make full use of him.

I reviewed your scripts and have following suggestions:

1) For checking business hrs/holidays it's recommended to use 'Administrative Script'. So when you click on 'Create New Script', it'll give you option to create 'admin' script. Select that. After that you use 'Day of week' & 'Time' nodes which are ONLY available in 'Admin' scripts to set business hrs/holidays.

--> OR your 2nd alternative can be to create a routing script and then use 'Translation Route to VRU' & 'Run external script' nodes and send the call to an IVR script which checks for business rules.

2) You will need to use 'Play Prompt' node available under 'Media' folder to play prompts.

3) To use 'Run external script' node, you will need to insert a run 'Translation Route to VRU' node between your 'Start' & 'DN' nodes. 'Translation Route to VRU' basically sends the call to VRU (which in your case is your IPIVR) while keeping the call active for processing on ICM.

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Re: IPCC Scripting for Newbe

Do you rememeber your instructors name?

1) I opened my regular script did a copy of everything in it. Closed the script. Opened script explorer deleted it and closed script explorer. In script editor chose new and this time chose administrative script then pasted what was in the deleted script. I now know why scripts are a different color in the open dialog. Admin scripts are brown routing scripts are blue.

I made the new Webstock_BusinessHours ICM script active. I changed the business hours so the script would be closed and placed a test call. The call zoomed right through (watching in monitor mode) and did not appear to go to my closed section of the ICM script.

I thought it might be because my varible in my if statement (Global.userWebStockBusinessHours="N")

Was not the same name as my ICM script name. The ICM script was named WebStock_BusinessHours. I changed the ICM script name to the same as the varible (WebStockBusinessHours) but that did not make it work.

Any suggestions?

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Re: IPCC Scripting for Newbe

3)Placing another 'Translation Route to VRU' worked. I had to place it after the DN though but before my 1st set statment.

Start--DN--Trans route to VRU--Run VRU Script--Set

Yea!! One down two issues to go!

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Re: IPCC Scripting for Newbe

1) I have done somemore testing using parts of schedlules from other scripts. I have narrowed it down to one part not working in my Webstock_main ICM Script. The 1st 'IF' that defines


is what does not work. I have defined this as a 'User Variable' and triple checked my spelling and letter case.

Is there something I need to be doing with the Admin script that this is suppose to be referencing?

I guess I really dont understand how the ICM script Webstock_Main knows to look at the ICM Script WebStockBusinessHours. Does just defining the 'User Variable' with the same name as the script make that happen? Does the connection name in the 'Time' have to match anything?

In the ICM Script WebStockBusinessHours under the time control there are two set statments. I have set the object type and varible to Global and userWebStockBusinessHours

One set statement has the value set to "Y" and the other to "N"

When I monitor the script I never see it being used

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Re: IPCC Scripting for Newbe


Can you please provide me with a scrpit for IPCC express to define working hours and close

our working hourds from SUD TO THURS , FRID AND SAT ARE OFF

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Re: IPCC Scripting for Newbe

I was able to figure out my issue. It was so simple I am surprised no one suggested it. I had not scheduled the script using the Administrator Manager.. Ugh!! Boy am I looking forward to my IPCC class in two weeks in Boston!!!

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Re: IPCC Scripting for Newbe

I'm unclear what you mean by the Administrator Manager. What version of IPCC are you using?


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Re: IPCC Scripting for Newbe

'Administrative Manager' is where you can schedule/add/modify/delete your administrative scripts in IPCC Enterprise. I have worked on version 5.x & 6.x and this tool allows you to perform above mentioned tasks.

You can find it in ICM Admin Workstation > Open 'Script Editor' under 'Scripts' menu.



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