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IPCCE redundancy

We have an IPCCE system with side A and B Router,Logger,PG,HDS,DC,CVP geographically separated; The question is, if one building gets blown away, does the other side continue to work?  That was how it was designed but does anyone have any experience in this?

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Re: IPCCE redundancy

Thats how it's supposed to be from a hardware point of View. Thats the way this beast gets sold. But you've also got your layer 2 and 3 plus IP/TDM gateways and the PBX piece to consider if a whole site were to be down.

You could test your failover by implementing a disaster recovery plan. Many organizations never address this until it's too late.


Re: IPCCE redundancy

As Jim says ... the product is architected for fault tolerance but have you designed for it?

How complete is it? Do you also have dual CUPS (SIP Proxy) or Gatekeepers? Do you have a two-pack CSS to load balance your Media Stores and CVP VXML Servers? Can you reach full capacity in CVP with just one side (N+N)? Will your gateways handle it? Does the carrier have a plan for switching trunks or is it transparent? How is the CUCM cluster arranged for redundancy (dual TFTPs, dual MOH).

Have you done a walk through on paper as to what happens when you lose sides? Can you see any single points of failure? This is not as good as the real testing, but it's a good exercise.

What would you do if you lost the Publisher?



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