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IPCCe - Unable to synchronize directory services

I have an issue where when users are added to callmanagers they appear successfully within CRA admin. However, they do not appear in Desktop Admin when trying to add the new agents to the appropriate team!

When trying to synchronize the directory service I get the following error message "Could not connect to Directory Services Synchrize Serve".

I have checked the IP address of the SQL server in ODBC Data Source Administrator and also the password for Sync_Server_A in the registry and these are OK.

I have not restarted the engine or rebooted the server yet as I would like to know the cause as well as a cure.

This is on CRA 3.5(2)

If you have any ideas on this I am all ears.




Re: IPCCe - Unable to synchronize directory services

Sounds like a LDAP issue.

Since you've already verified the registry settings, check CRA Admin, go to Directory Setup -

Verify the IP address of your DCD or AD server is correct, also retype the DM password and save. Do this for each box if you run more than one.

In order to commit this change you need to restart the CRA engine (no need to reboot the box). Restarting the engine will not erase the MIVR logs, so troubleshooting other issues will be possible and the logs will be preserved.

Since DCD is kept on the CCM pub, that may need to be reset as well under CCM services.



Re: IPCCe - Unable to synchronize directory services

Almost forgot... in IPCC Express versions the LDAP info is in CRA Admin under System -> LDAP Information

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Re: IPCCe - Unable to synchronize directory services

Many thanks for the info....

All checking out OK.

I stopped - started the "Cisco Desktop Sync Server" service and this kicked it all back into life.

I'm still digging to find the root cause.



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