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IPCCX 3.5(3) JRE issue when trying to view Real-time reports from client PC

Supervisors can not view IPCC Real-time Reports due to a JRE error from their client PC's. They have 1.5 installed and the software requires them to use 1.3.1

I tested this on my own PC and had the same issue.

I then uninstalled all JRE on my laptop and downloaded and installed JRE 1.3.1_16 which matches what is on the IPCC server 3.5.3.

When I VPN in and use a web browser to browse to appsupervisor on the IPCC server and try to run a real-time report, I get the error that is attached.

I also can not join a meeting-place or anything else that uses JRE at the moment due to this error.

They are able to use real-time reports if they remote desktop to the server and use the web browser on the server, but that is not acceptable and indeed they should be able to browse in and run reports. I have IE 7.0 on my laptop.

I have checked the only bug that I could find on Sun website:

As well as this link and tried everything I can think of:

Thanks for any help!


Re: IPCCX 3.5(3) JRE issue when trying to view Real-time reports

I found this thread on this error at the java forums:

In reply 4, it appears that this error can be resolved by setting the JRE 1.3(1) as your default Java for use with IE, then clearing your java console cache and rebooting. Let's give this a shot and see if this clears up this nasty error.

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