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IPCCX 4.0.4 to UCCX 7.0

Is there a migration method to get all Applications and such from IPCCX 4.0.4 to UCCX 7.0.1? Also if I have a High Availability configuration in place now do I need to do that during the upgrade as well, how is that done. Also upgrading Call Manager 4.2.3 to UCCM 6.1.3 and want to know what changes I need to make to Jtapi if any and crsadministrator?

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Re: IPCCX 4.0.4 to UCCX 7.0

Not currently. The HR Migration Tool only ports db_cra to maintain HR data for reporting needs. The tool will be updated (currently in beta) to port most other configuration data as well; however, this has not been released the last time I checked.

Everything else is documented and/or covered on the forum many times already.

One example:^1%40%40.2cd33ce9/0#selected_message

-Yes, you need to upgrade both CCX HA nodes. This is a fresh install so it is covered as part of the install guide.

-JTAPI is configured as part of the install. You will need to delete any CTI Route Points, CTI Ports, and associated Directory Numbers before performing the CCX 7 install; it will not reuse them if they still exist.

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Re: IPCCX 4.0.4 to UCCX 7.0

Thanks but the link is invalid?

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