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IPCCX 4.0(5) SR02 Scripting Help

Hi All,

I appreciate any help from the scripting gurus out there with the following issue:

We have a setup where call comes into CSQ1 and gets dequeued to CSQ2. What happens is when it gets dequeued to CSQ2, as long as it is answered under 2 min (1 min 47 sec) to be exact, it works fine. If no one picks the call under that time frame it gets queued, however it does not get presented to any agent even after they become ready.



I have attached both scripts. This is resulting in customers being on long hold time and calling back to complain. The real-time report would always show the longest wait time under 2 min.

Thank you in advance.


Re: IPCCX 4.0(5) SR02 Scripting Help

I opened up your RTISOverflow script and took a look. The only thing that's immediately jumping out at me is that on line 121 of the script, you're calling a Get Digit String step to play a prompt and collect input from the caller, but you just got done putting them on hold on line 120. Trying to have media interactions with an on-hold caller doesn't make sense and might have undefined results.

I'd clear that up (the exact fix depends on what you intended to happen there) and see if the problem goes away. If it doesn't, we'll need to know what the caller is hearing during this period. Are they still getting the periodic hold loop messages, or are they stuck hearing MOH forever, silence, what? I would also be interested to know what's happening if you run the script in Reactive Debug around that time.

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Re: IPCCX 4.0(5) SR02 Scripting Help

Thanks for the input.

The callers hear the queue prompts 1 & 2 indefinitely in a loop through holding. This script has been set up by someone and in place for the past 1 year. I think they started noticing the problem during hours when the call volume went up where the call could not serviced under 2 min.

Yesterday I chaged the step under Dequeue on the RTIS-MAIN from CallConsultTransfer to CallRedirect and my testing seems to work fine with the Hold Time showing up and no loop.

I would like to technically understand hwo that changed the behavior and your input hopefully helps.


Re: IPCCX 4.0(5) SR02 Scripting Help

It could be defect CSCsz23780, which is resolved in UCCX 7.0(1)SR4. Your consult transfer probably finished after Select Resource had gone through on the queue script and queued the call. There's no reason to use consult transfer in your case, so your use of redirect is fine. That said, I'm not sure why it would only affect your calls sometimes and only after an arbitrary delay.

CSCsz23780 Bug Details: Call Getting dequed upon receiving sessionredirectMsg

Symptom: The call in the queue will not be connected to the available agent. But the caller will hear the prompts.

Conditions: The call get dequeued upon receiving SessionRedirectMsg when the call is in Queue. The call comes to Main Script and from there the call is redirected to QueueScript. If no agent is available the call sits in the queue and if SessionRedirectMsg is received then the call is dequed.

Workaround: Add Some delay in the script, so that the call will get delayed before it goes to queue.

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Re: IPCCX 4.0(5) SR02 Scripting Help

Sorry I missed this one. The delay is not arbitary. That is how much time it takes in total to be dequed and presented to an agent on the second queue. If no agent is available then it goes into the infinite loop and the system loses the call, however does not drop it. So the callers keep hearing the queue prompts but call does not get presented to an agent even if one comes available later.

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