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IPCCX 4.0 Script Document Storage location basic question

I'm working on a IPCCX 4.0 to UCCX 7 upgrade and I'm building a new UCCX 7 server. I've migrated scripts to UCCX and see where there are the some document steps in the IPCCX 4 scripts and do not know/understand where the docs are stored/fetched from. (I obviously need to make sure these docs are accessable on my UCCX 7 platform).

I see:

stat = Create File Document ("posstatus.xml")

stat = Create XML Doc (stat)

stat_null = Get XML Document Data(stat,"descendant::nodes/child::node")

I do find a "posstatus.xml" document in c:\program files\wfavvid but where do you point CRS to that folder for document storage and retrieval?

I don't have any configuration for my IPCCX 4.0 Entterprise Database Management under my Subsystems menu, and it doesn't appear that Applications > Document Management is pointing to anything.

If you could please give some direction, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!!

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Re: IPCCX 4.0 Script Document Storage location basic question

The only supported location for these files to be held is within the Document Repository; however, on the Windows platform it is possible to access any file on the file system.

You'll want to look at the file name parameter of the Create File Document step. It should either contain a literal value in DOC[posstatus.xml] or reference a document-type variable with the same value. If you see a file system path instead, this is not supported and you should correct it in your 7.x install by uploading the file to the document repository and adjusting the step to DOC[posstatus.xml].

The repositories are saved within the db_cra database and synchronized down to disk for run-time use. If you do not see anything within your document repository but the script is using a DOC[] formatted value, someone saved it to disk, in the right location, manually. This is a bad idea for a few reasons: 1) it isn't backed up, 2) if someone were to upload a file into the document repository it could get overwritten, 3) this is non-standard/unsupported.

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Re: IPCCX 4.0 Script Document Storage location basic question

Cool! Yup, it looks like they just have a literal value "posstatus.xml" without any file system path. They do have the CRS 4.0(4) server defined in the Data Store Control Center. Is that needed for the "GET document XML"? I uploaded the XML docs via the Document Management under the folder en_US which is the default language folder. But, when I call the trigger# for the scripts that do the Get Document steps, I get a couple rings, then a "system is unavilable" message.

Am I in the correct area, am I still heading in the right direction?


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