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IPCCX 4.05 Node ID Change

I have come across a site where the customers original CRS installation was Co-Resident (ccm02), but were later upgraded to a stand alone server. When the upgrade was performed, the co-resident server was not taken offline or uninstalled before the stand alone installation was performed. Therefor the co-resident server is now node 1 and the stand alone is node 2. My problem is that the Co-res installation has been disabled for almost a year and I have several errors referring to node 1 not being accessible. I have not yet had any issues with making changes to the stand alone server, but I can't perform any backups without node 1 functioning. So my question is, is there anyway to promote my stand alone server to be node 1? I assume its a total reinstall, but I just thought I'd ask.



Re: IPCCX 4.05 Node ID Change

Just search the document for "change the ip or node ID" and it will get you to the procedure.

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Re: IPCCX 4.05 Node ID Change

Did you mean to post a different link? I did a search as you suggested in the document you posted a link for, but the word "node" doesn't exist within this particular document.

Thanks for the help

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