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IPCCx 5.02: License and Resource manager may be down..

I'm having a problem w/ IPCC 5.02.. When running the desktop app, I get an error: "License and Resource manager may be down..."

I think the fundamental cause is that the IP address changed on the server post install, but pre-config.. I have fixed the IP address to the best of my knowledge (and as per a TAC Case I opened), but I'm still getting errors.. Specifically, I'm seeing unable to connect to the LDAP in the IPCCx Licensing service log files.

On old CRS 4.x and earlier, the LDAP was DCDirectory, but I'm not sure where my LDAP is now to even start to troubleshoot... Is it supposed to be on the CCM?

Any ideas? Also, should the IPCCX 5.02 server be in a workgroup, or does it rely on domain authentication from the CAD station to get the license file from a share like the old IPCC Enterprise?


-Steve Jones

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Re: IPCCx 5.02: License and Resource manager may be down..

I've made this exact mistake before and typically resulted in a rebuild. You can check in the serviceability tool to see if you can update the IP address within the databases through there (I would recommend doing this with TAC's assistance).

As for LDAP: the Calabrio components (CAD/CSD) are running a copy of openLDAP in the background I believe... if memory servers that's the slapd process.

UCCX syncronizes with UCM using the AXL API in UCCX 5 and 7. Somewhere they are replicating data into slapd for Calabrio apps to use.

The UCCX server should NOT be joined to a domain. This is not supported.

There are no file shares to configure in this version.

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