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IPCCX Clusters

We are using IPCCX 4.0(5) and CCM 4.1.3.

We have two IPCCX Clusters, and one CCM Cluster. Both IPCC Clusters are connected to the CCM Cluster (LDAP).

Two clusters have different Cluster name.

Each cluster has its own JTAPI Provider User Prefix and password. Each cluster has its own RM JTAPI Provider User ID and Password.

Cluster1 has a bounch of phones associated with its RM JTAPI User ID. Agents logged in to those phones are listed as available RM resources in Cluster1.

Cluster2 is a new cluster. There is no phones associated with its RM JTAPI User ID. However, those agents listed under cluster1 available resources are also showing up in cluster2 as available resources.

How could this happen? I thought two clusters are independent of each other. Also only those devices that are associated with the RM JTAPI User ID should appear in CRS as available resources.

Anyone has ever seen this problem? Am I configuring something wrong?

Please Help.



Re: IPCCX Clusters

What is the error message do you see in MADM log?

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Re: IPCCX Clusters

There was no errors because it was not seen as a problem in both IPCC Clusters.

The behavior is actually related to how we associate devices with RM JTAPI User ID.

We associated phones with one RM JTAPI User ID, but No Primary Extension and No ICD Extension for all of phones associated. Then we find all Agent Profiles and mark ICD Extention button for each of them. This way, the agents are showing up in both Clusters. But their phones only work for the cluster they are associated.

The reason we associated this way is that we want extension mobility function for agents.

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