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IPCCX Get Time from XML?

Has anyone ever seen a script that can get time from an XML doc and compare it to the current time? Similar to the "Holiday XML".

I have a script where I want to let the user set the Open and Closed time for the menu. I have a custom VB app the users set the menu times and the app creates an XML with all the Open and closed times similar to the following.



......and so on

I know it can be done the hard part for me is converting the XML time "string" into an integer that can be compared with > and <.


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Re: IPCCX Get Time from XML?

I have one that myself and a colleague put together.

Two notes.

1. IPCC seems to work with time in military format. Because of this, you can do a text > or < and it will work fine. The 7:00:00 in your example should actually be 07:00:00. Set the time in a text variable when your script is called. Then do you lt/gt and your all set.

2. If using vb, why go through the trouble of making IPCC figure out if you are open/closed. You can do this in vb and then all you feed IPCC is an Open or Closed status.

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Re: IPCCX Get Time from XML?

Thanks for your post.

I actually did exactly what you are referring to in 1. and it worked great.

The only reason I use IPCC to determine open and closed is if the Application server running VB for any reason was offline the script would never open. Since I don't control the application servers only the IPCC environment I want to make that system as stable as possible.

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