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IPCCX - Multiple ICD Extension

IPCCX4.05 - I have a customer wanting to use his desk phone as well as his IP COmmunicator but with the same username to log into CAD. CallManager only lets you choose 1 ICD ext per user. However, they got the agent to login successfully on either 7960 phone or IP Connunicator and take calls when no ICD ext is selected and no primary ext is selected. I've never done it this way before. I just wanted to know if this is the right way to do it. The concern I have is once I choose the no ICD and no primary ext for that specific user, the resource in Appadmin shows up in the "Inactive Resource".


Re: IPCCX - Multiple ICD Extension

This, technically, is not the right way to do it.

Both devices should have the ICD Ext. button selected as well as be associated with the JTAPI user.

The system is telling you correctly when it shows you 'Inactive Resource' when the ICD Ext. is not selected.

ICD Ext. is used by the IPCCX system to identify available resources to assign to everything from Skills to Resource Groups to Teams.

You'd be best suited making sure your configuration is 100% correct or you will likely encounter intermitted/sporadic bad behaviors of your agents and IPCCX system.

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Re: IPCCX - Multiple ICD Extension

You might want to consider using an extension mobility profile and use that one to login in CAD, please refer to the installation guide for the specifics.

That might give your customer what they are looking for.



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