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IPCCX - Saving doc to share drive

Utilizing IPCCX 4.X, is there a way within the crs script to sav a doc file to a share drive that requires user credentials to connect to? I tried mapping a drive in windows explorer and using that drive in crs scripting but it doesn't work. Any suggestions aside from writing locally and using a batch file to transfer it to the network share?

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Re: IPCCX - Saving doc to share drive

Have you managed to save the doc file locally? If you have succeded with that you probably had some String variable like

Type = String

Name = Filename

Value ="\wfavvid\"

To save a document in a different location or at another location together with the local one just create another String variable that on the Value line contains "\\x.x.x.x\share\" . x.x.x.x is the ip adress ans share can be c$ for ie. and use that step in Write document step also and then it will be saved in another location as you wants.

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Re: IPCCX - Saving doc to share drive

Thanks Patrik. I actually tried this but it wasnt saving it. The script errors out when I try and run it with the \\IP_Add\share_path that requires credentials. It works if you put it to a share that doesn't require credentials but as soon as I try putting it to a server that requires me to authenticate first, it fails. Is there possibly a way to include credentials on a path? I am not sure if this is do-able or if I'm just not doing it right.

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Re: IPCCX - Saving doc to share drive

Cannot just that path or share on the remote server be accessible for everyone? No one has to know the path except the script. I have never tried to use credentials in a path except in ftp or http adresses.

Sorry but i cannot solve that one, try google

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