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IPCCX scripting problem

Dear all,

We have a cluster of two Call Managers (6.1(2)) and two IPCCX (5.0(2)SR01 with Unified CCX Premium package). We have detected a problem in the scripting of IPCCX.

When we execute a Select Resource command (Routing Target Type: Contact Service Queue) and inside this command do a Connect of a resource. If IPCCX can't connect with the resource (if the resource is Ready and can communicate with IPCCX but there is another communication problem), the execution goes to the Failed tab, but the script doesn't execute any of the commands inside this tab. The execution always goes to the Select Resource command and tries to Connect again with the resource. When the Connect command has failed many times, the script generates an exception but the resource keeps in Reserved state until the call is finished.

Some of the resources can have communications problem sometimes. I mean, it's an expected situation. The communication problems are related to Call Manager locations. Some resources have their phones in a different location that IPCCX and there is a restriction in the number of simultaneous calls. The problem described arises when the agent's location have reached its maximum bandwidth. So we have to manage the exception that the script generates. The problem is that the script doesn't let to manage this call. It doesn't let to do a new Select Resource command (Routing Target Type: Contact Service Queue) of another CSQ to let another person to handle this call. If you execute a new Select Resource command, the executions always goes to Queued tab, it doesn't matter that the new CSQ hasn't any relation with the previous one. We think that the problem is that the previous resource is still in Reserved state and that IPCCX thinks that the call is being handle by the agent.

Why the script doesn't execute the commands in the Failed tab of the Select Resource (CSQ) command? Why is still the resource in Reserved state if the call can't be handle by it?

Thanks in advance

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