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IPCCx5: Monitoring and Recording

Hi all, I have a problem regarding monitoring and recording an agent.

I have the following scenario:



1 7971

1 7920

1 IPCommunicator

The notebook of the agent (desktop agent installed on it) is connected to the 7971.

The supervisor runs the supervisor desktop and has an IpCommunicator.

I have two networks but no vlans on that, because the network swtiches doesn't support vlans. Devices from one network can reach devices on the other and vice versa...

I am using the 7921 to call the trigger. When the agent answers the call, I go to the supervisor desktop software and start a recording. When I try to reproduce the file, only silence is there.

The same thing happened when I tried to just monitor the agent's conversation... nothing.

As part of the troubleshooting I have tried the following:

1- Run the post install application on the agent and verified that the interface used for sniffing was correct.

2- Run the post install on the IPCC server. I set one interface for database and the other for monitoring and recording.

3-Made some tricks to the registry of the agent because it has a broadcom nic.

4-I restarted the service for monitoring, recording and also the whole server.

5- I verified that the recording and monitoring was enabled on the server, and also checked that the parameter that stablish the amount of sessions for recording was not cero.

6- I run the desktop admin on the server and verified that the agents are enabled for recording and also specified the recording server.

I don't know what else can I do.

Anyone has an idea?


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Re: IPCCx5: Monitoring and Recording

hth, but v-lan i thought.

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Re: IPCCx5: Monitoring and Recording

Thanks safety2008 for the document. I have checked the config following the document you sent me, and it is ok.

Any other idea?

Thanks a lot!

Community Member

Re: IPCCx5: Monitoring and Recording

I installed wireshark on the CAD PC. I can see the RTP packet flow of the two phones, so I believe that "span to pc port" is working fine.

Can anyone say me what should I expect to see at wireshark when I press the recording button on the suppervisor desktop? and if I press the monitoring button?

Remember that wireshark is monitoring the traffic of the agent PC.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Re: IPCCx5: Monitoring and Recording

Sorry, been trying to find my documentation. I was under impression that hard phones used v-lan in this app. I very may well be wrong. but maybe you could try communicator to communicator, as it was my belief that ipcomm did not use v-lan.

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Re: IPCCx5: Monitoring and Recording

Hi again, I tried with communicator but it doesn't work.


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Re: IPCCx5: Monitoring and Recording

Hi all, any other idea?

I made the workarround for the NIC.

The nic is a broadcom netlink.

I search for instance of "TxCoalescingTicks" and enter the string "PreserveVlanInfoInRxPacket".

What I don't know is if it is ok to have more than one instance of "TxCoalescingTicks". I have 3. Anybody knows?

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Re: IPCCx5: Monitoring and Recording

I have finally solved it.

The problem was there in the agent's phone. It was configured at the device level to advertise the G.722 codec. When I set the advertise G.722 codec to none, the recordings started to work.

Thanks to all for you valuable help!


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Re: IPCCx5: Monitoring and Recording

I was having the same problem. Disabling G.722 advertising on Enterprise Parameters solved it.



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