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IPPA display of 'Caller' Information (again)

We are upgrading from IPCC Version 3 to CCX Version 7. We previously were able to display a variable piece of data (named "caller") on the Agent Phones (we do not use the Agent Desktop) via the use of the SetDataType(0) to Enterprise Server step. This used the value of Caller and was displayed on the phone.

The new command appears to be SetEnterpriseCallInfo but has many more available options, especially of fields to display. I would like to know the equivalent command to display the value of Caller on the phones now please. The documentation that I have seen so far is a bit short on detail on what can & can't be displayed on the IPPA and how exactly to do it. Maybe there is a way to customise which fields can be displayed and where on the phone? Like there seems to be for the Desktop Agent?

Does the system still use the "telecaster" users? I have created this user (with password telecaster) and added to the Standard CTI Group. I notice some documents that say to set the PIN to 12345 but can't find how to do this in the new CM (7.1.2). Maybe not relevant.

Any example code of this would be fantastic.




Re: IPPA display of 'Caller' Information (again)

Found this. The Phone agent is identical to the Desktop agent and the layout is set up in the CAD (Desktop Agent Administrator)

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