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IPPCX agent state and call status problem

I have a strange problem. Installation is IPCC Expres Premium 4.0(4)SR1 with CCM 4.1(3).

It goes like this: call gets received and answered by an ivr script. It shows some menus to the contact and at the end call is ?connected? to an agent. In most cases agent is able to answer the call and all goes well. But in some cases agent tries to answer the call but call does not get connected and contact still can hear music on hold as it is still in queue. After that agent stays in reserved state and after 30 seconds call is again ringing on that agents phone and agent can answer the call.

CSQ is setup with agents going into work state after the call and after 2 minutes agents get automatically transferred to ready state. This problem only occurs when there are no agents in ready state (all are talking, work or not ready), there is one or more calls in queue and agent (automatically or manually) goes into ready state.

If there are no calls in queue and agent foes into ready state before call gets into queue problem does not occur and call is answered normally.

Can someone help with this?

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Re: IPPCX agent state and call status problem

Hi Damir,

Have a look at the following link which explains one reason that this happens and how to remedy the situation;

Hope this helps!


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