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is it possible to get statistics from any application?

A customer is asking for a solucion that generates calls based on a database of potencial clients. When the potencial clients answer the call they will be asked a question in which they should select two option or three option. after the option is selected a voice message is listen and the call finished.

The customer requires to get statistics from the system in order to know how the distribution of the option that have been selected.

As far as I know contac center can generate calls (outbond option) but my doubt is how to handle the statistics and the option the potential customer are going to select.

in addition to contact center is it requiered other application?

any suggestion??

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Re: is it possible to get statistics from any application?

This is possible but somewhat involved, at least in the UCCX space.

First, the Outbound option within UCCX requires an agent to accept the call. When they do the outbound subsystem instructs the rmcm subsystem to place a call for that agent to the appropriate number. There is no predictive dialing or IVR treatment by the mivr subsystem. This means that you have to manipulate UCCX into thinking there is an inbound call (trigger).

To do this, you first have to tell UCCX about a record (client to call). You can use an HTTP trigger to kick off a script and pass the relevant information. This script can then save the information into a session and place a call to the trigger of a second script. This is needed for the phone call to be the triggering event of the second script. This second script can retrieve the session that is holding all the necessary data and then perform a call redirect to the actual customer's number (using data retrieved from the stored session).

The script can play options to the customer and record their selections in a database, tied to the customer record which the script has from the session data.

Since this design keeps the customer as the triggering contact, you could include options that lead to a Select Resource step to get to an agent.

As you can see this takes some work. If you're just trying to perform a survey-type interaction, you could also look at products specifically for this. I believe Verient and Nice provide this type of product. Radianta's more advanced outbound dialer may also be able to fill this type of need.

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