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is the recording agent?s call saved in the CRS 4.0 IPCC express Premium?

Hi everybody.

I need to know if the recording agent?s calls are store into the CRS 4.0 with IPCC express Premium and that is the path?

Beside if the files recording are into the IPCC express is possible to use the utiliy CRSrawtowav.exe that I just read, can this utility find into the server also?

Thanks in advance


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Re: is the recording agent?s call saved in the CRS 4.0 IPCC expr

Live Record is not currently supported. In the Cisco Unity 4.0.2 documentation, it lists that the Live Record feature is not currently supported by any of the Telephony systems that are supported with Cisco Unity. Live Record was removed from the Cisco Unity 4.0.4 documentation and is not implemented. None of the phone systems currently supported with Cisco Unity offer the Live Record feature.

Cisco Unity had a Start Live Record option in the call routing rules section of the System Admin since version 2.4.x. However, this feature was locked down to only work with a couple of different switches (ones that are no longer supported by Cisco Unity).

The reason it is locked down is because Cisco Unity does not play 'beep' sounds as the recording takes place. In some states this is a requirement since both parties always have to know that they are being recorded. However, in other states it is only necessary for one party to know that they are being recorded. Since Cisco Legal does not want to get into a situation where Cisco is culpable for the misuse of such a feature, it is not offered in the mainline product.

However, you can download the DLLs, register them on your Cisco Unity 4.0(3) or later system, and it allows you to use the Live Record feature. There are not any record beeps on the line so you must take all legal responsibility for its use.

The use of monitoring, recording, or listening devices to eavesdrop, monitor, retrieve, or record phone conversations or other sound activities, whether or not contemporaneous with transmission, may be illegal in certain circumstances under local laws. Legal advice should be sought prior to implementing any practice that monitors or records any phone conversation. Some laws require some form of notification to all parties to a phone conversation, such as by using a beep tone or other notification method or requiring the consent of all parties to the phone conversation, prior to monitoring or recording the phone conversation. Some of these laws incorporate strict penalties. In cases where local laws require a periodic beep while a conversation is recorded, the phone system provides the beep.

Refer to Adding Live Record Capability to Unity Version 4.0(3) and Later. This document is a guide that allows you to configure the Live Record feature.

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