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Is there a code for Forwarding an IPCC pilot number?

Is there a simple code to dial on a Cisco phone that will forward calls, placed to an IPCC group, to different IPCC group during times when coverage is needed?

We have times where there is just one agent, and she has to go to lunch! So far, someone is brought in to cover her IPCC calls, but we'd like to be able to forward the calls to ring to a nearby IPCC group.

(Keep in mind) - The IPCC pilot number is not the Agent extension, and does not appear on a phone, so we can't use the CallFwd softkey.

If there's not a simple forwarding code for forwarding an IPCC pilot number - is there a not so simple way?

Thanks, Nat

New Member

Re: Is there a code for Forwarding an IPCC pilot number?

In the script you should use the IPCC Express > Get Reporting Statistic

Query the Field : Logged-In Resources

Then write an If statement that checks if there are '0' Logged-In Resources.

True Branch would Call Redirect to the other queue

False would keep the caller in the current queue

That's it. Hope everyone can enjoy their lunch.

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