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Is there anyway around the dual extensions?

why can't there be a way to just have one extension on the phone? The system should be smart enough to know that the call is an ACD call and not to use call waiting or send the call to voicemail.


Re: Is there anyway around the dual extensions?

This is for IPCC Enterprise:

One thing I have done in the past is to utilize Scripting in the IVR and IPCC. For example:

Lets assume the following:

1. SALES_SG = Skill Group

2. Dialed Number of 8000 - SALES Dialed Number

3. Dialed Number of 9000 - SALES RONA Dialed Number

4. ICM Script named SALES

5. ICM Script named SALES_RONA

6. Call Type of SALES_CT

7. Call Type of SALES_RONA_CT

8. Agent Desk Setting of SALES_ADS - Sends call to the SALES_RONA ICM Script.

So, lets look at an inbound call to 8000 which will trigger the SALES ICM Script, the first thing you should do in the ICM script after the Start Node is to use the SET node to set call.peripheralvariable1 to "SALES". After that you just script how you normally would.

The next thing to do is in the SALES_RONA script first check to see if Peripheral variable 1 is set to "SALES" with an IF node. If it is set to SALES, we know that the called originally came into the SALES ICM script and wasn't a direct call to the agent so you queue it to the next available agent. If its "" so blank, we know the call was a direct call to an agent. Right after the failed of the IF node, send the call to an IVR script where you get the "Original Dialed Number" > use the SET step in the IVR script to prefix 8888 to that original dialed number (follow this post of mine to understand why) > use the SET ICM Data to set that original dialed number and the 8888 prefixed to Peripheral Variable 2 > after then just use the END step in your IVR script to send it back to the ICM script. In the ICM script the success of the Run Ext. Script should connect to a Label node > choose Dynamic > and use the formula editor to choose Peripheral Variable 2.

The last peice of the puzzle is to make sure the CallManager Service Parameter (or if on CM 4.x or > the ring no ansewr on the agent lines) is higher than the agent desk setting ring no answer timer.

So....what will all that do?

If an agent isn't logged in and they get a direct call to their extension it will go to Voicemail as planned.

If an agent is logged in and they get a call sent to them from ICM and don't answer it, it will get pulled back (because of the agent desk setting) to the RONA script and variable 1 will be set so it will queue to the next agent.

If someone calls their DID while they are logged in, it will follow the RONA script but variable 1 will not be set (cuz it didn't go through the SALES script) and it will be transferred directly to voicemail (8888XXXX if you follow my other link).

Hope that helps.

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andy dignan - berbee

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Re: Is there anyway around the dual extensions?


Awsome answer and explentation, here are my deserving 5 points.



Re: Is there anyway around the dual extensions?

In my original post, I referenced another post but didn't paste in the link. Here it is:

andy dignan - berbee

Re: Is there anyway around the dual extensions?

But you gave him only 4 points, cderen

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Re: Is there anyway around the dual extensions?


i gave him 5 points, the avarage is 4 points (2 posts), someone else rewarded the post with only 3 points.


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Re: Is there anyway around the dual extensions?

Very cool!

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Re: Is there anyway around the dual extensions?

Not to dig up an old thread, but it is a very useful one. We've successfully implemented this over a year ago and haven't noticed any issues until now.

We seem to have a problem during agent to agent transfers after agent A has recieved the call from the sales queue and transfers directly to Agent Bs ACD extension. During a RONA situation (agent B does not answer) instead of transfering to voicemail the caller will end up back in the sales queue. I suspect this is because the peripheral variable remains set as "sales" even after the transfer.

Other than this situation this app has worked great.

Any suggestions?

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