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Issue with UCCX 9, Tenox WallBoard 3.7.2 and OBDC Informix

I’m using several screens with Tenox WallBoard 3.7.2 with UCCX version 9. I’m using IBM Informix Client SDK 4.10.


I have five screens with 8 Wallboards. At first all Tenox WB are ok, but some hours later they "freeze". When I try to reload them, they are blank with no data (all 0, see attached) and if I try to test the ODBC to the Informix DB I have no response from the database. I have two connections, one for each node, the node 1 is the active all the time but I have no response when I do the Database connection Test on the ODBC (no problem with node2, but all data is not real because the active node is node1) .

So I shutdown all Tenox WB and wait. After some time (20-30 minutes) I start one of the screens and wait until it gets some data (that can take another 15 or 20 mins). When it begin to work normally I start the others Ok.

I have to go, one by one, because if I start two at the same time none of them retrieve any data.


I assume that is something related to the DB or the ODBC and not the WallBoard, but I wonder If you had some tip about this issue.

I don't know if there's any configuration for simultaneosu connections or something like that.


thanks for your time

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Hi Sergio,it is an ODBC

Hi Sergio,

it is an ODBC driver issue, upgrade to version 4.10



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