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IT Support Script


I have written a script for our service desk to serve a couple of purposes. One is to improve service, the other is to show off the functionality of the system to perspective internal customers. So farm i am using;

  • Skills based routing for different CSQ
  • XML Emergency flag, holiday check (administered in seperate scipt)
  • Out-Of-Hours support by use of a PIN (sends call to mobils)
  • Option to leave a message instead of queuing which is sent via email to our service desk application
  • Priority queuing via secret PIN for VIP

In the next version of the scipt I hope to incude a DB read to our service desk application to get ticket status messages to callers by inputting their ticket number.

My question is, what other things should i look at? Im running 5.0 premium.

As soon as my iPhone arrives i will be hooking up the supervisor app.

Best wishes


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Re: IT Support Script

Sky is the limit, it really comes down to your requirements, what else do you think you and your callers would benefit from?



Re: IT Support Script

looks like you put more than what they need maybe

if looking to add DB then try to make simple DB that has phone number of the VIP people instead of letting them enter a pin to get the priority let the system recognize them through their calling number ( you put the numbers in a table in the DB )

just an idea if you looking for additional features

good luck

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Re: IT Support Script

Thanks for the input. I realise i have already surpassed the requirements but this is also to demonstrate the functionality of the system. I think i will ditch the priority PIN for the VIP DB numbers, good idea!


Re: IT Support Script

also you could have a message for a planned outages

for example if there is maintenance for the mail server when some call they will hear a message say the mail server bla bla then say if your call for other issue hold the line, then it goe to the normal call flow

good luck

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Re: IT Support Script

Sorry, forgot to mention that one. Ive got a blank prompt before the welcome script for us to reccord over with outages etc.

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Re: IT Support Script

Ive got one! Session managment....

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