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IVR and Ingress DSN - IVR 3.5(3)

I am trying to use an Ingress driver for my DSN in ODBC. The Ingress driver is setup to use the local windows account for verification. I changed the services that were starting with administrator to the account I need CRS to use. Everything else works fine, but the database subsystem will not come up.

Below are some error messages I get:

When I update the subsystem I get this:

610: Apr 20 10:06:36.187 EDT %MIVR-SS_DB-3-UNK:Database create connection failed : SQL_ERROR_CODE = 5


611: Apr 20 10:06:36.187 EDT %MIVR-SS_DB-3-UNK:Cannot create Datasource for given DSN : DSN_NAME = db_con

612: Apr 20 10:06:36.187 EDT %MIVR-SS_DB-3-UNK:Error in checkout from DSN : DSN_NAME = db_con

613: Apr 20 10:06:36.187 EDT %MIVR-SS_DB-3-UNK:Bad connection for the given DSN : DSN_NAME = db_con

Now keep in mind if you don't know ingress, it a client that you install on the CRS server and it becomes a usable driver in ODBC. You use the driver, give it a name (when creating the DSN) and that's about all you configure. There is nowhere to specify a username/password in the setup like if I was doing a SQL server ODBC connection. Is this supported? Is there something else I need to do that I'm missing? Did I miss something when it comes to passing windows authentication? I need it to work even if no one is logged on (which is why I changed the CRS services to use another account (which is local admin) to start up with).

Can anyone help?

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Re: IVR and Ingress DSN - IVR 3.5(3)

OK, so I now realize ingress just isn't supported. But I also know we have other options. Maybe using voiceXML, a web-based front end, java, etc to pass the SQL queries to and from IVR. What is the easiest way. Does anyone have any tools they use for accessing an unsupported database that doesn't require me to learn java, or vxml?

Anything pre-built that they would not mind sharing? For example, if anyone has java objects in a script they can send me that I can use and place my SQL queries in, that would be great.

Any ideas?

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Re: IVR and Ingress DSN - IVR 3.5(3)

This is fixed. I used PHP and ODBC to connect to the DB. Works fine now.

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Re: IVR and Ingress DSN - IVR 3.5(3)


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