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IVR, CTI ports and media channels sizing

Hi All,

I am a little bit confused with the CTI port, IVR port ,media channels concepts and with the best practices configuring JTAPI subsystem and Media subsystem regarding number of ports

So imagine an IPCC scenario with:

20 IVR ports

100 Agents

4 Applications

Let see if I say right and which recommendations you suggest:

20 IVR= 20 CTI port,

Let's create only one Call Control Group for all the applications and for everyone limit the max sessions to 5 so always IPCC answers, or better 4 Call Control Groups?

Regarding the Media Subsytem, documentation says

“CMT (Cisco Media termination), Supports prompts and media

Media Resources are licensed and sold as IVR ports. You can provision more channels tan you are licensed for; however, at run-time, licensing is inforced to prevent calls from being accepted by the system”

So If all the applications require media, let's create one Media Dialog group for all with 20 channels, but we can provision more why? how many more?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and happy New Year!!

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